Tips about stainless steel pipe&tube
Tips about stainless steel pipe&tube
Apr 8, 2020
Tips about stainless steel pipe&tube
  • 1. What stainless steel pipes are currently on the market and what are the differences in their quality?
    At present, the stainless steel pipes sold in the market are mainly produced by stainless steel pipe manufacturers in two major regions, Foshan and Shandong. The stainless steel pipe materials are mainly 304, 201, 301 and so on. The difference is mainly due to the different contents of chromium and nickel. The material of 304 stainless steel pipe contains chromium 18 and nickel 8-9, while the material of 201 and 301 stainless steel pipes contains only chromium 14, 16 and nickel 1, 5 respectively. It has been scientifically demonstrated that the performance of stainless steel pipes with high chromium and nickel and good smelting technology is better, the corrosion resistance is stronger, and the finish durability is stronger.
  • 2. Why are the prices of 201 and 301 lower than 304?
    Beware of counterfeit "304". Because the material of 201 and 304 stainless steel pipes contains low chromium and nickel, the raw materials purchased are cheap. For example, 999 pure gold is the same as 18K gold. The gold content is different, and the price is different. Therefore, the prices of 201 and 301 stainless steel pipes are low. Some bad manufacturers use stainless steel pipes with material 201 and 301, and the words "304" are also engraved on them. Please inquire the users in depth when buying, and beware of being deceived.
  • 3. Why the quality and price of 304 pipes of the same material are different?
    At present, the raw materials are imported, produced by large and small domestic manufacturers. Although they are all made of 304 materials, the smelting technology of each manufacturer and the content index of each chemical element are different, the quality is different, and the price difference is about 10%. In addition, there are quality differences in the manufacturing process of each pipe factory, and the performance and corrosion resistance after use are also strong and weak. Even if the quality is poor, it will not be rusted in the near future, but it will become gray, yellow, or even rusted for a long time. In the face of the uneven and complex stainless steel market and the century-old plan related to house building decoration, you have to make a wise choice. Users here in particular are reminded not to be greedy and cheap, so as not to regret it. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose reliable and reliable big brands.
  • 4. How to choose high-quality stainless steel pipes?
    1. Identify whether the surface of the stainless steel pipe is stamped with the material "304", and request the manufacturer's quality certificate and quality guarantee. 2. Test with acid reagent. After 30 seconds, the material 304 will not change color, 201 will become black (the copper sulfate point test will become red). 3. See if the color of the outer surface and the inner wall of the tube is bright and smooth, whether the thickness is uniform, or if there is roughness. 4. When purchasing, the famous brand products above the provincial level evaluated by the Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau should be selected. It is the most direct and effective purchase method to have long-term testimony and good reputation among customers.
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