What role does stainless steel tube have in food industry
What role does stainless steel tube have in food industry
May 18, 2020

Food industry refers to the industrial production department that USES agricultural and sideline products as raw materials to produce food through physical processing or yeast fermentation. Its raw materials are mainly primary products produced by agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, fishery and sideline sectors. Directory according to the classification of the our country in December 1984, its total called food, beverages and tobacco manufacturing industry, divided four big industry under it: (1) the food manufacturing industry, including food processing industry, the vegetable oil processing industry, cakes, candy, manufacturing industry, the sugar industry, slaughtering and meat processing industry, egg processing industry, dairy industry, processing industry of aquatic products, canned food manufacturing, food additive manufacturing, condiment manufacturing, other food manufacturing; (2) beverage manufacturing, including beverage and alcohol manufacturing, alcohol manufacturing, non-alcoholic beverage manufacturing, tea manufacturing and other beverage manufacturing; (3) tobacco processing industry, including tobacco leaf reroasting industry, cigarette manufacturing industry and other tobacco processing industries; (4) feed industry, including compound and mixed feed manufacturing, protein feed manufacturing, feed additive manufacturing and other feed manufacturing. China's modern food industry was born at the end of the 19th century in the early 1970s.

At present, China's food industry still focuses on the primary processing of agricultural and sideline food materials, but the degree of fine processing is relatively low, and it is in the growing stage. To perfect competition industry, food industry concentration degree is low, the high proportion of small and medium-sized enterprises, technology level is low, serious homogeneity, price competition is intense, profit space is narrow, as industry consolidation and improvement of the maturity of the industry, industry profit quickly concentrated to large enterprises, industry leading enterprises to bear the burden of industry resources integration.

Why introduce the food industry? Let's take a look at the important role of stainless steel tubes in the food industry:

The modern food industry has made great progress. By virtue of this excellent pipe material, the food produced can be guaranteed to have a more reliable quality and at the same time can speed up production. The back row is in the liquid beverage processing, but also plays a huge role.

Many common drinks are acidic and easily corroded if they are made of ordinary steel. And stainless steel tube for these acid liquid is very good resistance, timely use of many years of equipment will not appear corrosion phenomenon, not only to ensure their own life, but also will not give drinks into the pollutants, so it is a very reassuring product.

High temperature sterilization is the most common way of sterilization in the production of beverages, and the sterilization process is the use of stainless steel tube as a medium of heat exchange, because to withstand high temperature for a long time, so the equipment needs to have the ability to withstand high temperature. The stainless steel tube can resist the erosion of acid material under the condition of long-term high temperature, and will not appear damage, ensuring the stability of production.
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