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The Importance Of Condenser Replacement
- Mar 19, 2018 -

Since the operation of the condenser is an exothermic process, the amount of condensed water per unit time depends on the amount of heat transferred to the cooling water through the cooling pipe wall. Therefore, the heat transfer efficiency of the cooling pipe determines the amount of heat transfer. If you want the operating efficiency of the condenser to be normal, the condenser must be replaced. The greater the amount of heat transfer per unit time, the greater the amount of condensed water.

In the unit time, when the steam turbine exhaust steam volume equal to the amount of condensate and the amount of air leakage and suction volume equal, the condenser is in equilibrium, the pressure remains unchanged, that is formed in the condenser inside a certain The degree of vacuum, from this point can also be seen, the importance of condenser replacement tube.