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Standards And Regulations For Bend Processing
- Mar 19, 2018 -

1. All bends must be processed in accordance with relevant standards and regulations (the bends must be horizontal and vertical, spans and spacings must meet the requirements of the code), and unstable conditions are not allowed regardless of the height to which the bends are machined.

Second, the material used for processing the bent pipe must be an inspectioned pipe bend bar with defects such as deformation and cracks. The connection pieces and fasteners are strictly prohibited. The fasteners and connecting pieces of the bent pipe must not be repaired by welding.

Third, the base of the elbow must be flat, compact, hard, and its metal substrate must be flat and without any deformation. When the floor is soft, sweeping rods or pads must be used to increase the stress surface and increase stability.

4. The springboard on the elbow must be laid neatly, its width and length should be the same (except for special parts), the springboard on any elbow must be fixed firmly, and there must be no larger hole on the platform (except for special parts).