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How To Avoid Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe Rust
- Mar 19, 2018 -

Stainless steel seamless pipe has the function of avoiding rust. Stainless steel itself will not rust the image. Although there will be rust time, the probability of rusting compared with ferrous materials is still relatively low.

In the production process of stainless steel seamless tube, the tube body will be uniformly kneaded, and then through online bright solid annealing, stainless steel industrial tube appearance becomes very smooth, and the smooth appearance is not easy to scale, with anti-fouling Function, which is not only conducive to heat dissipation and does not require regular cleaning, saves time and effort.

Secondly, the welded pipe is a deep-processed plate product. Its advantage of uniform wall thickness is unparalleled. It can also be arbitrarily fixed in length, with high precision. Anti-scaling function improves the quality of the pipe and extends its service life.

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