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Heat Exchange Tubes Bring High Efficiency
- Mar 19, 2018 -

Heat exchange tubes and fin tubes are parts of many heating appliances. As heating equipment, it is necessary to select more and more high-quality heat exchange tubes. Corrosion resistance of heat transfer tubes is compared with the selection of raw materials for manufacturing heat exchange tubes. Stainless steel raw materials can make the heat exchange tubes more corrosion resistant, and the anti-seismic function will be strengthened. In the case of general heat exchange tubes, this kind of The life of the heat exchange tube for the raw material is at least three times longer than that.

The selection of stainless steel raw materials for the heat exchange tubes enables the heat exchange tubes to function even better than other raw materials. Although the wall thickness of the heat exchange tubes will increase, it is important that the thermal conductivity of the tubes increases, and the heat transfer function is increased. The production process of the heat pipe adopts a better process production effect. The stainless steel raw material is also better than the economic effect of the heat exchange pipe.