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Fouling Treatment Method For High-efficiency Heat Transfer Tubes
- Mar 19, 2018 -

Existing methods for descaling are classified into chemical descaling and physical descaling. The physical cleaning is the use of a variety of mechanical forces and energy to damage, separate and peel off the surface of the object, and then reach the role of cleaning, physical cleaning methods common methods, ultrasonic descaling, PIG pigging skills, electric field descaling skills .

① High Pressure Water Eruption Cleaning: The high pressure water generated by the use of the plunger pump is sprayed to the dirt layer through a special nozzle. The scale removal is complete and the power is high. However, the installed container is large and consumes much water.

② Ultrasonic descaling: mainly uses the ultrasonic sound field to process the fluid, so that the fluid's scale forming material is under the action of the ultrasonic field, and its physical shape and chemical function undergo a series of changes to make it scatter, damage, loose, loose and not easily adhered. Wall fouling.

③ In-pipe mobile descaling equipment descaling: The new type of mobile descaling equipment in the pipeline has high power and good quality, and is suitable for descaling of oil and gas transportation pipelines and chemical liquids and water transportation pipelines.