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Clean Pipe Engineering Is Applied To Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Food, Water And Other Industries.
- Aug 31, 2018 -

The need for ultra-high cleanliness of the process line, placed in the indoor air environment and isolation of the pipeline purification treatment, called clean pipes. This method requires that the process production must be automated, and the high-efficiency filter must be 0.1 micron dust as the standard to achieve ultra-high cleanliness. In addition, this method is the development direction of clean technology, also known as the fourth generation purification method, because the air in the pipeline is purified, the supply and return air volume is very small, can greatly save energy.

Clean pipeline engineering has been relatively mature is room purification, partial purification (including the combination of room purification and local purification) and clean tunnel three purification treatment methods, engineering design should be combined with specific circumstances to choose one or two purification methods as a design scheme.

Under the condition of meeting the technological requirements, local purification should be used as far as possible. Partial purification is realized by local purification equipment in the general air conditioning environment. As the local purification equipment is generally produced by professional factories, the quality of equipment is high, and the construction speed can be accelerated, this scheme can be given priority in the reconstruction project.

When the purification methods can not meet the technological requirements, the whole room purification mode is adopted as the design plan. This way to create a room with the same cleanliness, especially when the cleanliness level is high, the initial investment and operating costs are high, clean room area should be strictly controlled.

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