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What does AP steel tube and MP steel pipe and BA steel pipe or EP steel pipe represent respectively?
- Apr 08, 2018 -

AP tube -Annealed and Pickled Pipe/tube 

MP tube -Mechanically Polished Pipe/tube  

BA tube -Bright Annealed Pipe/tube  


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BA tube

AP tube

MP tube

The stainless steel pipe is mainly used in biological engineering, pharmaceutical, electronic engineering, pure water, food, chemical industry, paper, chemical fiber industry, cosmetics industry, beer, high purity gas and other fluid transportation pipelines.

Class BA: after bright annealing, it has high gloss and high cleanness inside and outside surface.

EP tube -ElectroPolished Pipe electrolytic polishing pipe, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, papermaking, shipbuilding, food, military, nuclear power, machinery and other industries. EP grade: nitric acid and other acidic solutions are used to remove the oxide layer on the surface of the steel pipe. The Ra value (surface roughness) remains unchanged, and the surface grain is reduced. Acid (Ra 2.5 m), mechanical polishing (Ra = 0.4 m), bright annealing (Ra = 0.3, m), electrolytic polishing (Ra = 0.2, m)

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