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What are the excellent characteristics of the austenitic stainless steel tube
- Apr 08, 2018 -


The austenitic stainless steel tube has the following characteristics:

The thermal conductivity is small: only the 1/3 of carbon steel pipe, so the thermal conductivity of steel is poor. After welding, the heat dissipation is slow, which makes the joint overheated, resulting in grain growth and plastic and corrosion resistance. The way to prevent overheating is to use water cooled copper pad or water wetting to accelerate cooling, and adopt small specification, straight line welding and controlling interlayer temperature.

The coefficient of linear expansion is 1.5 times that of the carbon steel tube. This will lead to large deformation and stress in the generation and residue, and easy to form hot cracks and stress corrosion. The way to prevent it is to adopt small specifications and accelerate the cooling condition.

The resistance coefficient is large: it is 5 times that of the carbon steel tube. This will lead to excessive resistance heat and make the electrode skin red and even fall off, so the stainless steel welding core should be properly shortened and used small current.

Good corrosion resistance: not only in the atmosphere in the bright rust, more important is the resistance to oxidation medium corrosion, such as nitric acid, chemical fiber intermediate products, urea and ammonium nitrate molten material. The corrosion resistance mechanism is that the electrode potential of chromium nickel is high, the surface has a dense protective film and a single uniform austenite phase, which all depend on the uniform distribution of the chemical composition in the stainless steel tube.

Reliable thermal stability: that is, it can be used continuously under high temperature without oxidizing skin or not being eroded by medium, also known as high temperature oxidation resistance. It mainly corrodes oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, sulfur dioxide and hydrogen sulfide gas, which also depends on chromium and nickel.

High thermal strength, that is, it still has high strength at high temperature without large deformation or destruction, such as 25-20, 18-8Ti, 18-8Nb and so on at higher strength above 600 C. Therefore, this kind of steel pipe is not only used as corrosion resistant material, but also widely used as heat resistant material.

Ideal low temperature performance: a slight decrease in toughness at low temperature and an increase in strength, often used as a cryogenic material. The toughness of the steel decreased slightly if ferritic or sensitized in the steel. Use the lowest temperature for liquid hydrogen or nitrogen storage tank, respectively -253 DEG and -269 DEG C .

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