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Storage pipe protection method
- Mar 19, 2018 -

1. Whether it is a bare tube or a corrosion-resistant tube, if it needs long-term storage, opaque coverings should be used for protection from the beginning of storage to prevent corrosion of the steel tube and the aging of the coating and the appearance of curling.

2. Covers should be strong and durable to prevent prolonged exposure to the sun, rain and rot.

3. When the steel pipe is covered, ensure that the surface of the steel pipe is ventilated to prevent the steam from evaporating and collecting on the surface.

4, steel pipe storage should have support, and a certain distance from the ground to ensure that the steel pipe ventilation.

5. After the steel pipe is stacked and stored, the pipe end protector should be removed to prevent the water from collecting at the pipe end protector and the steel pipe contact surface and hard to volatilize.

6, steel pipe storage should pay attention to the number of stacked steel pipe layer, to avoid the excessive number of layers caused by the local end of the pipe, so that the radial plastic pipe deformation and damage to the coating.

7. When the steel pipe is stored, avoid contact with contaminated oil, copper, etc.