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Steel analysis of seamless stainless steel tube
- Mar 26, 2018 -

HuZhou Zhongrui Precision Technology Co., Ltd, million people united as one man. Seamless stainless steel tube steel by forging forging: reciprocating impact or pressure of press the blank change into a pressure processing method of shape and size we need the. In general, it is divided into free forging and die forging, which is often used as a material to produce large material, open billet and equal cross section steel.

Pulling steel seamless stainless steel pipe: metal blank will have been rolled through the die Kongla dial section is mostly used for cold working processing method of increasing lengths decrease.

Extrusion: it is a processing method that steel can be placed in a closed extruded tube and pressed at one end, so that the metal can be extruded from the specified die hole to get the finished product with the same shape and size. It is used to produce non-ferrous metal products.

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