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Seamless straight tubing
- Jul 09, 2018 -

For the past years,Zhongrui has produced seamless precise tubes of diverse quality requirements and steel grades and supplied for semiconductor, automobile, petrochemical, and medical industries. These tubes are mainly of a 1 inch or less outer diameter and made of mainly TP304, TP316L, 317L and Super Duplex steel types.

Our precise tubes are treated in cold drawing-degreasing- BA (bright annealing)heat treatment process and meet strict and high quality requirements.

In the area of semiconductor tubes in the world, we have proven how excellent our products are by supplying countless meters of tubes to major customers annually for the last years.

All the products of Zhongrui satisfy the international standard like ASTM, JIS, EN, and meet requirements of ISO9001, 14001 as well.

seamless precise tubes

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