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Guaranteed flaws and straightening of seamless steel tubes
- Mar 19, 2018 -

The seamless steel tubes that have been processed into finished products have a small tortuosity and have to rely on the mechanical thing straightening machine. Therefore, in order to eliminate the tortuousness of seamless steel tubes, all seamless steel tubes need to be subjected to cold straightening.

The meandering of the seamless steel pipe is due to improper adjustment of the rolling mill, residual residual stress during rolling and formation of unequal cooling along the section and length of the pipe. Therefore, no straight pipe can be obtained directly from the rolling mill. Straight pipe twists and turns are satisfied with the rules of skill conditions.

The fundamental reason for straightening is to make the seamless steel tube go through an elasto-plastic twist, and the large tortuosity becomes a small tortuosity. Therefore, the steel tube must be repeatedly twisted and twisted in the straightening machine, and the degree of repeated twists and turns of the steel tube is mainly determined by the school. The adjustment of the direct machine was resolved.