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Bright Annealed Tubes | BA Tube
- May 11, 2018 -

Bright Annealing available in a wide range of stainless steels, are characterized by tight tolerances, and the inside surface of the tubes is free of oil, grease and other particles. This ensures, for example, an optimized and even flow of liquids and gases from the sensor to the measuring instrument. We have 4 Sets of three roller Precision Cold Rolling Machines using highly polished rollers in touch with the stainless steel surface and control the velocity of the pilger machine to ensure the smoothness and brightness. Selected the best quality stainless steel round bar, clean and smooth on outside surface and inside surface. Withstand high pressure,no deformation after cold bending, no crack and break after flattening and flaring etc.

Technical Data:

ba-seamless-stainless-steel-tubes .jpg

1) Description:       
Bright Annealed Tubes | BA Tube

United States: ASTM A213 / A269 / A632
Europe: DIN 17458 / ISO 1127 

3) Reference Sizes:
6.35×0.89, 9.53×0.89, 12.7×1.24, 19.05×1.65, 25.4×2.11, etc
Special sizes can be made to order.

4) Advantages: 
a. good dimensional accuracy 
O.D.: +/-0.05mm, W.T.: +/-0.05mm
b. excellent surface roughness
outside surface: Ra < 0.6um, inside surface: Ra < 0.3um

5) Main Production Equipments:
2 sets of Cold Drawing Machine with Floating Mandrel
2 sets of Cold Pilger Machine with Three Roller 
2 Sets of Bright Annealing Furnace with Pure H2

Our bright annealed tubes are widely used in the fields of precision instruments, oil & gas service, precise mechanical parts, semiconductor industry, bio-pharmaceutical, etc 

Textile Industries
Precision instruments and parts
Medical eauipment apparatus
Electronic and electric appliance
Automatic apparatus
Opto-electrical and semi-conductor