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Advantages and characteristics of stainless steel sheet processing tools
- Jul 08, 2018 -

    This stainless steel processing technology introduces the processing tool of stainless steel sheet metal parts. As the processing tooling brings a series of benefits, the demand is even greater. Many times stainless steel processing will have certain difficulties, not only inefficient, but also in processing quality.

    However, after using the tooling, the effect of stainless steel processing has been significantly improved. For example, the milling machine can complete roughing with only one infeed on one side, which greatly reduces the loss of working hours. Moreover, since the workpiece is fixed to the tooling, it is only necessary to hold the tooling to perform grinding to ensure the smooth completion of the process. In addition, the quality of the workpiece is not easily affected.

    So what is the processing tool for stainless steel sheet metal parts? That is, the pad is provided with a plurality of fixing holes smaller than the hole diameter of the mounting hole on the workpiece, and the fixing hole adopts a countersunk structure, which can fix the workpiece without directly contacting the same, thereby facilitating the processing of the stainless steel. Such processing tooling is especially suitable for the processing of stainless steel long thin plates, which is worth promoting.